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La Toya - Michael was murdered

29. 8. 2010

Latoya Jackson: Sony Murdered Michael Jackson

July 13. 2009

Michael Jackson

LaToya Jackson, the sister of the late pop singer, Michael Jackson, who died last month under suspicious circumstances, did an interview with Britain’s News of the World paper, on July 11, 2009, proclaiming Michael Jackson was murdered for his 50% interest in the Sony Music catalog. His half is said to be valued at least $1 billion dollars. Sony, with its plummeting sales, are desperate for cash.

Janet, LaToya and Rebbie Jackson

Haven’t I been stating that very same thing on this website regarding me and Madonna/Sony for a couple years now, in that they have been trying to murder me over my Copyrighted Catalog.

Before the stealing started, they invited me to Sony and I did not go - they had famous producers affiliated with them and Madonna, contact me and I did not respond (click here).

On separate occasions, Miami Kabbalah members, on Madonna’s instruction, have made attempts on my life, over my valuable copyrights, via sending individuals from the Miami Kabbalah Center to try and run me over with vehicles in broad daylight (an Anthony Pellicano tactic, who was her private investigator before he was imprisoned).


Madonna is affiliated with Sony through her lawyer, Robert Jacobs, which they both share regarding copyright management and she also has a side deal with Sony/Ericsson for her music.

She gained criminal access to my Copyrighted Catalog through the hosting company of her official website Madonna.com, named Digilink, who were busted hacking into my business computers and copying the Copyrighted Catalog they forwarded to her, which she illegally used without permission.


The very questionable CEO of Sony, Howard "Satan" Stringer, is happy Jackson is gone

I’ve lived in Miami for over two decades, no one broke into my home, mugged me, tried to run me over with vehicles or assaulted me in any fashion, until this Madonna mess started.

Then all this criminal activity, some of it of a very violent nature, was aimed at me, in ongoing criminal misconduct, commissioned by that foul old lunatic Madonna.

Sam Cooke

Hollywood is still the same old awful, prejudiced, racist, debauched place it always was, full of corruption. For years, many have insisted, soul singer Sam Cooke was murdered, because he was a black man that started his own record and music publishing company, seeking to go independent from Hollywood and they killed him for it. I see things haven’t changed.

Howard Stringer

Since Howard Stringer, became the CEO of Sony in 2005, after working in the company for over 20 years, the corporation has taken a precipitous decline in morality, decency, legality and common sense.

Stringer has tried to steal everything in sight from my Copyrighted Catalog, the other half of the Sony catalog from Michael Jackson, dozens of patents, to even the Nintendo Wii, incredulously claiming two years after it was released and became a global smash, that Sony thought of it first, but just didn't do it, which is an absolute lie, as they have no PREEXISTING copyrights or patents to back up these envious, spoiled sport claims.

He is a corrupt, jealous, resentful animal that can’t stand to see anyone else do anything of merit. He is also a desperate wretch, willing to do anything to increase sales, even if it means engaging in corporate fraud and massive SEC violations.

Madonna’s greed and lust for fame and success, is in fact worst than Stringer’s. No one should want to get ahead so badly that murdering off innocent people for their business assets becomes an option.

I will nail Michael Jackson's killers

Jacko's heartbroken sister La Toya vows to prove star's death was foul play. GRIEF-TORN La Toya Jackson last night dramatically vowed revenge on the people she claims MURDERED her brother Michael...

La Toya's astonishing revelations come just two days after the chief of Los Angeles police admitted they were investigating Jacko's death as possible homicide.

In a moving exclusive four-hour interview with the News of the World, grieving La Toya - the closest person to Michael from the whole tight-knit Jackson clan - revealed she and the family are convinced her brother's apparent drugs overdose was "foul play" by a shadowy group out to get their hands on his £1 billion fortune.

 "Michael WAS murdered," declared La Toya, 53. "And we don't think just one person was involved. Rather, it was a conspiracy of people. I feel it was all about money. Michael was worth well over a billion in music publishing assets and somebody killed him for that. He was worth more dead than alive."...

"A couple of years ago Michael told me he was worried that people were out to get him. He said, 'They're gonna kill me for my publishing. They want my catalogues and they're gonna kill me for these.'...